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This gives the player the ability to craft kits to assemble robots at the robot workbench.

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This mod adds the ability to construct prebuilt robot kits that can be assembled at any robot workbench.

Basically each kit has the basic factory armor and the usual weapons that would be found on the robots except for the hand laser on the assaultron model.

With each perk of robotics expert you get the ability to build kits for the next two types of robots.

Rank 1 adds the ability to make eyebots and protectrons /version 1.2 gen 1 synths on conditions playerknowssynths =1 or getdeadcount lvlsynth >= 1
Rank 2 adds the ability to make Ms Nanny and Robobrains/version 1.2 gen 1 synths on conditions playerknowssynths =1 or getdeadcount lvlsynth >=1
Rank 3 adds the ability to make assaultrons and sentrybots.

Each robot except for the eyebot can be modified in the robot workbench just like any other Automatron robot.

They will function just like any Automatron robot follower using the same system.

While (Kit) Activate Debug Menu ring is worn almost all activate choices will become debug menu.

When (Kit) Options & Tracking Menu is equipped its menu will pop up to allow picking an optioin.

While the (Kit) Menu Toggle ring is worn the Prebuilt robots menu will be available at any cooking station and the options menu added by the perk will be available on all kit robots as well as the assemble kit robot option at any robot workbench provided there is a kit in the players inventory to assemble.

IF for some reason a dead companion is not removed from the alias on the followers quest the debug menu option 5 Remove dead from followers quest aliases will be required to remove the companion so that dialogue calling on the companion to speak does not cause the bug that prevents the completion of dialogue like talking to Preston, supervisor white, or Hancock etc. for the first time. Measures were taken to remove ones that do die for some reason from this alias but for some reason it does not always work just as the eyebots do for some reason get killed despite being in the same setup as the other robot followers.

IF for some reason the gen 1 or gen 2 synth get stuck with that electric arc effect just use the telport companion bots to player option and it will reset the effect when they teleport.