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This mod removes facial dirt and grants protected status for the Tier 4 Merchants. Also reverts the Vault-Tec Rep back to human because ghouls are unpleasant.

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This mod accomplishes three things:

1. Removes facial dirt from the following Tier 4 merchants:  Trader Rylee, Anne Hargraves, The Scribe, Ron Staples, Doc Anderson, and Smiling Larry.

2. Grants Protected status to the three traders not already designated as such, so they don't die en route to your settlement:  The Vault Tec Rep, Trader Rylee, and Ann Hargraves.

3.  Converted the Vault Tec Rep to human because FO4 ghouls are too creepy for me and I was avoiding him.  He seems much happier now as a result.

This was something I made for my own game and sharing for any who might be interested.

Made with the Creation KIt.