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When you break a Bobby Pin, choose the wrong password during hacking or just get locked out of a Terminal you may mutter some "indecent" words.. Well.. this mod makes them audible in the Game too.

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About this mod:

Your Player Character will comment on the following things: breaking a Bobby Pin, choosing a wrong password, getting locked out the Terminal, exiting the Lockpicking/ Hacking menu without successful lockpicking / hacking..

V2.0.: "Personalize Your Reactions" Update.

You'll get a "Player Curses - Holotape". In the Holotape, you can:

1. Set the Frequency of the Voice Lines (0%, 10%, 20%... 90%, 100%)
2. Activate / Deactivate: "Cursing", "Non Cursing", "Hacking", "Lockpicking" Lines.
3. Preview of Voice Lines
4. Reset Default Settings

If you're looking for a "Curse Free" version, here.

Player Curses During Lockpicking:

Personalize Your Reactions:

Player Curses During Hacking:


Whenever you like.