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This guide will provide a complete horror-themed overhaul of Fallout 4 for both new and veteran modders. It uses Whispering Hills and Fallout 4-76 Open World at its core to completely transform the game into a terrifying and unique survival-horror open exploration experience.

Permissions and credits

With this modding guide I have set out to create the ultimate horror overhaul experience in Fallout 4.  Leave all your preconceived notions of what Fallout 4 means to you and what you think it's capable of at the door as this guide will transform your Fallout 4 experience into something entirely unique.  Whispering Chills envisions a world not ravaged by nuclear fallout but scourged by a massive paranormal happening that consumed the planet and the majority of its inhabitants.  A portal straight to hell has opened, and its residents have come to occupy the land of the living permanently.  Using Whispering Hills and SKK 4-76 Open World at its core, you will no longer experience named NPC's, synths, quests, or many of the familiar trademarks of the base game.  Here you have only one objective:  survive.  The Commonwealth is now an open expanse of exploration for those brave enough to face it.  Once-populated areas like Diamond City are now empty and barren; occupied only by robots, which serve as the only means of trading, and the creatures that were fierce enough to keep themselves safe from literal Hell on Earth.  Non-human companions are still present and recruitable, but they will do little to ward off the dangers that now infest the commonwealth.  For those looking for something DIFFERENT in their next Fallout 4 playthrough, this is it.

DISCLAIMER:  This guide is considered a fork of the BRB (BiRaitBec) guide for Fallout 4 as it uses much of its foundations and setup to achieve a stable base to build off of for the horror experience.  Those familiar with that guide will find themselves at home here, and recent users of that guide can even fork/modify their current build into Whispering Chills with ease in not necessarily having to start over from scratch (join our Discord server for more info).  If you are looking for a non-horror, vanilla+ modding setup I HIGHLY recommend you try out his guide.  Check out the BRB Discord server for access to the most recent update of the guide that will be used to make an official update to the Nexus guide in the coming months!

The Team

ScreamingLake - Admin/Guide Author
CyberDanz - Moderator/Patch Master
Marvesly - Moderator/Guide Support
Sheyvi - Graphic Designer (created the awesome guide title logo)

Rules/Tips/Things to Know Before Starting

  • You must own a legal copy of the game plus all of the DLC (either GOTY Edition or Season Pass for all DLC).

  • Unless specified otherwise as being optional, all mods in the guide are REQUIRED in order to ensure stability and the full experience as it was intended.  Please read the description of each mod you are downloading to better understand what it does.

  • Follow the specific install instructions closely for each mod as it will specify which version of the mod to use as well as which options to choose for the installer if there are any.

  • Do not add custom mods to this guide unless you are confident the guide itself is working in full and have a solid background in conflict resolution and patching with xEdit.  This guide should be fully playable as is and contain everything you need for a full horror experience.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on mods I should consider adding please bring them to my attention in the Posts tab of this page or reach out on the Whispering Chills Discord Server.

  • Forget what you know about modding Fallout 4.  This guide uses the BRB guide as its foundation and thereby contains all the mods and optimizations you need for a smooth and stable playthrough.  You do not need to install or tweak anything that is not specifically mentioned in this guide (including mods that are supposedly "required" by the mods listed in the guide).

Getting Started

This guide is divided into two options based on your background and interests.  Choose ONLY ONE

  • Option one is for those who are new to modding and/or want a fresh setup from scratch.  It is a traditional modding guide with full instructions on how to use and set up a proper mod manager, configure game settings, and install all the mods required to make this all work!

  • Option two is for those who consider themselves "veteran" modders and already have a stable base modding setup or console modders looking for horror mod recommendations.  This option is quite literally just a modlist that highlights mods that can be used in your personal build to enhance the horror aspect of your next playthrough.  Use all of them or some of them; it doesn't matter, but just know I will not provide support for those using this option just to add mods to their current build.  You do so at your own risk, and must create your own patches and conflict resolution as necessary to get them to work with your other mods.

No matter which option you are reading through, feel free to check out some of my ambient mixes to relax to while setting this up.  I recommend my Fallout 4 Custom Soundtracks mix or Silent Hill Series mix to help get you in the mood!

Option 1:  The Full Whispering Chills Guide Experience (starting from scratch) -- RECOMMENDED


Option 2:  Modlist of horror mods to add to your existing modded setup for a horror playthrough (for reference only) – NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where are the HUD/UI or item sorting mods?

A:  Early on I set off with the intention of including as few HUD mods as possible not only because I personally don't mind vanilla sorting but also because with the provided setup, you should hardly ever see the HUD/UI on-screen and should ideally be spending as little time as possible in the pip-boy, favoring hotkeys instead, in order to avoid a swift and unexpected death while using FallSouls.  A minimal HUD overhaul also allows for FallSouls to preside conflict-free and with fewer issues likely to occur as it is a notoriously finicky mod, but works great with the right setup.  Additionally, I realize many will come to this guide with no particular predisposition toward these mods and I did not want to force people into any one avenue of HUD/inventory sorting unnecessarily when I myself am a madman who likewise doesn't use these mods.  That being said, if there is a great enough demand, then I will look into accommodating DEF UI with Ruddy88's Simple Sorter, Fall UI or VIS-G accordingly.  For now, I feel the guide and its intentions are perfectly suitable without these things, but that is also subject to change based on feedback.

Q:  Can I add "x" mod to this guide?

A:  Whispering Chills is meant to be its own closed box in a sense.  And I don't say that to sound close-minded or exclusionary, but there is a specific balance and tone I seek to achieve with this setup where even a single mod could throw it off.  If it's a question of adding equipment/armor/weapons that generally shouldn't be an issue and can be done as part of the weapon additions section of the guide (though may still require patches as mentioned in the guide).  If it's a matter of adding anything more extensive, I would advise you not go ahead doing this yourself as the guide has been carefully constructed and patched where even the simplest mod addition could seek to undo critical elements or lead to crashes.  Instead, please consider using the Posts section of this page or join the Whispering Chills Discord server to offer suggestions and feedback on ways the guide could improve.  If you are looking for a more open-ended, modular (non-horror) modding guide, use the BRB guide.  I used it as a foundation to create this guide fork, and you can use it too to build your modded setup off in whichever direction you wish.  His guide provides the most stable and trustworthy modding foundation for Fallout 4 on the Nexus!

Q:  Is it safe to remove/disable "x" mod from the guide?

A:  That depends on what mod it is.  Some are simple and easy to remove.  Others are built into the merged patches for the setup and disabling them could cause unexpected issues or even crashes when using the patches.  I hand-picked each mod to be included in the guide and find them all to be essential and beneficial to the overall experience, however if there is a mod that is really bothering you while using, I would recommend you join the Whispering Chills Discord to ask about disabling and not using the mod that you aren’t liking.  We may be able to offer custom patching based on your preferences and if there is enough complaints pertaining to a certain mod or set of mods, we may consider removing them from the guide entirely and reworking the patches based on feedback.