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2 outfits based on Charlize Theron's Aeon Flux movie character.

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This mod REQUIRES the Fallout 4 High Heels System mod in order to function properly. I will NOT be held responsible, or offer any support for issues with your game if you do not have that mod and all it's requirements installed correctly.


Pretty obvious that the inspiration is the Charlize Theron movie Aeon Flux. I know some "purists" dismiss the movie for not being strict to the source material, but it's a good fun film, and I adore Charlize Theron.

The 2 outfits chosen were probably the 2 most iconic from the film. Sorry I couldn't do the shoulder holster and I forgot to do the gloves for the "business suit" outfit, but the gloves for the assault suit work pretty well. (and no, I won't make the wrap and panties outfit, or the see-through "gown")


I've included the inspiration and reference images so that you can see what each outfit is based upon.

Outfit 1 is the "business suit" seen in the early scenes of the movie, which includes the skirt, jacket, bustier/corset, suspender belt, underwear and stockings as well as the "cowl". All are separate items in the mesh, so "breaking them up" to create a modular system is possible. The "cowl" is a separately crafted item and can be worn independently.

Outfit 2 is the "assault suit" worn by Aeon towards the end of the movie. Again, most parts are separate in case someone wants to "modularize" them.

Both outfits are built around the default CBBE body found in Outfit Studio, and they both use the High Heel mesh provided by the Fallout 4 High Heel System
 Although, of course the Assault Suit doesn't actually have any legs.

The required .txt files for the FO4:HHS are included in the meshes folder.

The body mesh is identical to the "CBBE Zeroed Sliders" preset in Bodyslide, so creating your own conversions, if required, is a simple task. Included is a very basic .esp file to allow you to craft the items at the Chemistry Workbench under their own category.

These files are provided "as is" and should be considered a "modders resource" as much as a stand alone outfit mod. I freely admit I am not an artist, and I do not  have access to any professional software in order to create models or textures. Please bare this in mind when viewing or judging the outfits.

I encourage anyone who can create good quality screenshots to please upload them. Anyone wishing to create better/updated/modified textures, please feel free to drop me msg.


I will NOT create any conversions myself, as I use only the default CBBE body, I will also NOT be creating any recolours. I will also NOT provide Bodyslide files
myself, as they are simple to make for yourself. I also do NOT own an XBOX, so I will NOT make a version for that console.

Any posts demanding or complaining about the lack of any of the above will be deleted. You have been warned!


These files are %100 original and created by me, and you may NOT upload these files to any other site, without my express permission. I will consider
all offers of conversions, modifications or patches, but ALL must be approved by me first. Any files uploaded must be more than just basic re-upload, and where required, either link to this mod as needed, or reference this mod in the description.

Requests to create videos for Youtube or anywhere else MUST be approved by me first.