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A pair of high heels with a slightly futuristic design.

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A pair of high heels with futuristic design with heel made out of different metals and glass.


Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes
(with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.

How to acquire

Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials.  The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. 
They come with custom high heel sounds. You can change the sound back to vanilla at the armor workbench.

You can modify the color, the footstep sound and the optional pantyhose/socks option at any armor workbench.


  • Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat  shoes.
  • To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov).
  • The glass glows in the dark because of some engine limiations.

Your screenshots are welcome, but please stay SFW, as this mod is not flagged as NSFW.