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Turn your Mirelurk Eggs into friendly Scuttlebutts!

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A simple mod that I made for a friend. Take 1 mirelurk egg + 1 dirty water to any Cooking station and craft up a Scuttlebutt Egg grenade!

There's a variety of different Scuttlebutts that can appear when you throw an Egg. Some will be duds that only spawn a Hatchling, but there's a chance you'll spawn a Legendary Scuttlebutt! They're all considerably weaker than the base game Mirelurks. If you hurt them too much, they'll turn on you! You can't throw these eggs very far - I mean do you see how big they are?

These Scuttlebutts are not companions, they won't follow you, and they'll despawn when you leave the area.

This mod requires only Far Harbor. It is an ESP marked as an ESL, so it won't take up one of your 255 plugin limit slots! Place below any mods that alter Mirelurks to be safe. I may update this to include alot of different varieties of Mirelurks soon. For now, there's only a Hunter, King, Hatchling, Basic, Razorclaw, and Softshell in the pool.

I'll be making a few other Mirelurk-y mods for my friend in the upcoming days that combine to make a fully cursed experience. If you wish to throw the eggs further, wait for me to make a Mirelurk Egg Launcher :D

This is my first real-deal little babby mod, be nice! Ignore the 3 different Scuttlebutt grenade options shown in my screenshot, it took me 3 tries to get this right lol.