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Your character will occasionally shout at your combat target when you throw a grenade. There's a 85% chance of saying these lines and a there's also a "cooling off" period. Requires Nuka World.

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About this mod:

You might have noticed that every NPC says something when they throw a grenade. This mod adds a few lines to theplayer character in order to make your character a bit more "expressive" during combat.

Nuka World grenades are included which means this mod requires the Nuka World DLC.

No voice lines are audible when you throw a Vertibird Signal granade.

Only a little amount of "fitting" voice lines were recorded during the game development.. So if anyone can suggest some new lines from the base game or the DLCs, feel free to leave a comment.

The actual three lines: Fetch!, Fetch it!, Hey you! (with different tones)

Player Shouts During Throwing a Grenade:


Whenever you like.