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Fusion Girl 1.75 Conversion - Shade Assault Armor IV

Permissions and credits

This is a Fusion Girl Conversion for the Shade Assault Armor IV by WhiteShades.

Current version:  1.75

Please endorse of you like this mod!  Feel free to upload pictures!

Headband is included in this download.

See the original mod page for details on the special features of this armor:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8280

Please see below for installation suggestion/instruction. 

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There is already another conversion, why did you do this??

*The conversion by cleareddirct is almost a year outdated.  There have been many changes to the body since Dec 2019.  This is not an update of his mod, this is done from scratch from the original mod. Any questions about this will be ignored.

*1.75 is up to date with the current Fusion Girl Body and body physics.

Why is there still clipping?

*I tried to account for a lot of slider settings and had a liberal use of zap sliders as I worked on this, but I am only human, miss stuff and can not account for every single slider setting possibility.  You may need to use outfit studio to fix some clipping issues yourself.

Do you take request?

*I may in the future, but no for the time being.

My other 1.75 conversions:

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Install Instructions:

*Install with mod manager of your choice.

*If you had the previous version by cleardirect:  It hasn't been updated since 18 December 2019 1:55AM.  I suggest uninstalling this completely, making sure there are no residual files.

*Launch the game, make a fresh save, quit the game, then install 1.75.  A  new save will help purge any left overs from the previous version.  

*This is only a suggestion, you know what's best for your game and system.

Special thanks to the Fusion Girl team for making a great body alternative, all the players for downloading stuff to make their games a bit more enjoyable, and to all the creators for making those things for us to download.