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Converts Fallout 4 clothing and armor to a system similarly as Fallout 76.

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What does it do?
Basically it changes the biped slots for most armor, clothing and head items so that they closely resemble the system used in Fallout 76. Outfits can be worn over armor pieces and can all give the Railroad Armor modifications. UnderArmor has been re-balanced to closely resemble the UnderArmor modifications and naming of Fallout 76, meaning you now have unique modifications depending on where your UnderArmor is themed around. Current choices are Brotherhood of Steel, Vault-Tec, Raider, Institute, Marine, and Nuka World.

Modifies biped slot 56,57, and 58. Could cause conflicts with others mods.

This is still a work in progress. Most if not all base game and DLC armor and clothing have been converted. Patches will follow for creation club content that I own and later on a FOMOD all-in-one installer. Feel free to convert the consolidated armors for Fusion Girl, CBBE or any other custom body you use.

Please report bugs and I will try to fix them. Keep in mind that some leveled list items or quest rewards are a bit wonky and may have their original vanilla stats. I am not sure yet how to circumvent this but I will try to look into it.

For now a UFO4P patch has been included.

- Children uniforms
- Reassess biped slots for head wear and accessories
- Add re-balanced vendor values
- Unscrappable & Featured Uniques
- Full compatibility with DLC05ArmorRacks
- Creation Club Content patches

Credits: AlanaSP for more or less showing how to make this doable, in her removed mod. It is in no way associated with her.

I will update the description in the future.