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Utility Belt is a clothing piece that will dynamically show Tech, Mines and Grenades you're carrying around.

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Utility Belt is a clothing piece for the player that will dynamically show items you're carrying around.
As of now, the Utility Belt shows three separate item categories: Tech, Mines and Grenades. (see picture below)
This clothing piece will occupy armor slot# 56 (Harnesses/Bandoliers)

Show conditions:
> Tech: must have one of the items in your inventory
> Mines: Shows last equipped mine if there is at least one in your inventory
> Grenades: Shows last equipped grenade if there is at least one in your inventory

You'll get the Utility Belt and a holotape when you exit Vault 111. By default, all items will be displayed. If you wish to hide specific items you can set that option in the holotape.

The Utility Belt is marked as a Quest-Item and cannot be dropped, sold or scrapped since it's unique. If you should manage to lose it somehow, do NOT spawn it with console commands. Use the settings holotape under the option 'Global' > 'Add Utility Belt'. This option will only appear if you don't have the belt in your inventory.

The belt can be turned invisible at the armor workstation. If you have a compatible backpack mod installed, the equipment will be moved automatically to the backpack (see picture gallery). Otherwise it will stay at the hips. The move option can be turned off in the holotape settings.

  • F4SE is a HARD requirement

All following DLC/Mods are optional and compatible out of the box:

** not all backpack gear is supported, see picture gallery as reference

Thank you very much to KottabosGames for his video review

Two corrections to his video:
1) You don't need to make the belt invisible for the backpacks, it does this automatically.
2) Do NOT uninstall the mod if you lose the belt !! Read the 'Usage' section on what to do.

  • Clipping
  • It may take up to two seconds to update the loadout.
  • Spam-switching grenades/mines may lead to not update the loadout. Just take a breath and select it again a bit more slowly...

I'm not taking any more request for this mod. Already posted suggestions are in the sticky-post it the comment section.

Utility Belt will be part of the Fallout London Project.
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