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Adds new receivers to the Minigun to increase damage, and slightly reworks the barrels.

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Yes, more than a dozen Minigun improvement mods already exist on the Nexus, so what makes this one so special? Well, it's my first one, and I can make/change it any way I want! Comments, critiques, suggestions, and feedback are all welcome and appreciated.

So, what exactly does it do?


-Added 4 receivers (including a "standard" one), each adding 20% damage per category (vanilla Accelerated Barrel adds 15%, and vanilla Tri Barrel adds 35%, so the final receiver will be adding quite a bit more damage at 60%).

-Barrels no longer control damage (realistically their length differences would probably provide a bit more damage, but the Minigun already does so little that I'm not sure I should change any more). The material/perk requirements have been reduced due to this.


-All v1.0 changes.

-Added Armor Piercing to all receivers (based on previous Fallout games, and real-life analogues, 5mm should have armor piercing effects; this gives a good damage increase against armored targets while still not being anywhere near overpowered).

-Accelerated Barrel now has a 70% spread penalty, rather than 80% (because Jesus Christ that spread).

-Tri Barrel weight penalty reduced from 65% to 55% (to compensate for the extra weight from the receivers).


-All v1.1 changes.

-Re-added/rebalanced barrel damage so there's actually an incentive/reason to use different barrels now (Standard Barrel has +10% damage, Accelerated Barrel has just base damage, and Tri Barrel has +20% damage). Total damage should be at a relatively balanced level now, without going too overboard.


-All v1.2 changes.

-Upon request, upped each receiver to +25% damage per rank (to a maximum of +75% with the Advanced receiver). This is really how it should have been in the first place, since (in my infinite wisdom) I was apparently trying to divide 8 by fifths in the original version.


-All v1.3 changes.

-Slightly adjusted new barrel damages to +12.5% for Standard Barrel and +25% for Tri Barrel. It helps to actually know the damage formula of the game you're modding before you start changing damage.

-Armor penetration should work properly now. Isn't it amazing what you can do when you actually learn the system rather than half-assing it?


-7z file. Pop it in with your favorite mod manager, or install manually by unzipping into your Fallout 4 Data folder and then adding it to your plugin.txt file.


-Pretty much the same process, but reversed. Miniguns should go back to normal, but some funkiness may or may not occur with the damage.


-Very lightweight, so it should work with just about any other mod besides ones that modify the Minigun's stats or barrels (retextures will still work fine).