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Greatly increases the amount and variance of components scrapped from static junk items in player settlements.

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Short Description
This mod does two things:
  1. Increases the amount of main material (Wood/Steal) scrapped from static junk in settlements. These amounts should be relative to the size, so there are instances where the amount of material was even reduced. In total this should provide large boost to initial settlement building.
  2. Introduces various components to these junk items (typically Screws and some other logical components). These other components should be semi-realistic (e.g. Circuitry and Copper in broken electronics). This change, while logical in terms of realism, introduces flaws in terms of game balance. You will be swimming in Screws ;) and in general the intial scarcity of some components vanishes.

Long Description

This mod greatly increases the amount of components scrapped from "big junk" like Ruined Houses, Cars or Trees. Also adds many various components to scrap from many different types of static Junk. Typically the amount of Wood and Steel gained is multiplied by 5 and some other components were added (see the list on the bottom). It may seem too much, but during my gameplay in ran into shortages of Wood and Steel while trying to fortify my settlements. In contrast to e.g. Adhesive, I didn't find an alternative way to get large amounts of Wood and Steel. Then I thought "why do I get only 20 Wood from a Tree when a Pencil gives me 1?". So I decided to boost the big sources of Wood and Steel in the Settlements. While doing this, I decided to give this kind of junk more components to scrap, just for the flavor - for example Nuclear Material in Cars (main power source) and Houses (I guess various appliances are nuclear powered or use radioactive components). Please note that this mod doesn't add any new structures to scrap. When talking about Houses, I mean the ruined Houses you can scrap in base game.

This mod will have biggest impact in Sactuary (AFAIK - I haven't discovered all Settlements yet) and if you activate it late in your playthrough, the impact will be minor. So this means this mod is best used for new game, but not limited to it. The only scenario when this mod is redunant is when you have all settlements and scrapped every yellow-bordered junk in them.

Please note that this mod is still WIP. Not in the sense that it doesn't work properly, but I mean that not all junk items have been altered, so you can easily find many inconsistencies (currently DLC scrappables are not yet touched). The game has so many bloody copies of one static/activator (looking at you Nuca-Cola machine - that thing has at least 6 copies and I touched three. Of course, one of them is the craftable one, which I won't touch), so it will take a lot of time to find everything.

Also note that this mod doesn't aim to modify craftable versions. Only non-craftable statics/movable statics/containers/activators. Does something have yellow highlight in workshop mode? It is or will be included in this mod. I am also aware of difference in materials provided from scrapping junk A and building similar-sized item B. The only advice I can give is to assume that the pre-war junk was really sturdy and material-heavy while the items you build are poor man's DYI job. Changing the crafting recipes to match the scrapping would defeat the primary purpose of this mode - to provide more materials from junk to boost the crafting.

Why "Crazy Earl's Scrapyard"? Well, when thinking about the scrappable Cars ingame, I remembered a joke from Borderlands 2 and thought "These cars have so little components that Crazy Earl could really eat them entirely (with only a fork)".

This mod was created with Fo4Edit.

Thanks to everyone who is enjoying this mod and thanks for your suggestions and feedback! See you all in the Wasteland!

Install preferably with NMM. The NMM installer will select the main version (always needed) and offer two more optional patches. The breakdown is:
  • Main - Does what is written up in the short description. It intruduces many new components to scrappables, but the amounts (especially Wood/Steel) are boosted above "immersive" level. It's done in order to grant more materials for settlement building.
  • Lite - Like Main, but scaled down to roughly 50-60%. Still somewhat boosted amounts, but should be good middle ground.
  • Lore - This is what I would call Immersive version, if I didn't dislike that word :P. Amounts of wood/steel are somtimes slightly boosted, but typically in the range of vanilla game. It still introduces more components, but only in small amounts (like 1 screw, where main has 4).

You can do manuall installation. Just open the downloaded zip. From "main" folder copy the main file and put it into your data folder. From "patches" folder choose one of the patches (if you wish, they are not mandatory) and put it again into data folder.

The only thing I don't want is to re-upload the copy of my file somewhere else. When asked, I can maybe allow uploading translation of it on some sites providing translated mods. Modifing the file is fine with me, this mod can serve as the framework for your own vision. You are free to tweak the numbers (aka "create your vision") and upload it with just a small notice in the description linking to this mod. If you are making some compilation, no need to link here. Credit would be fine, but not needed.

If you have any request for permission (except for re-upload without credit) and I don't answer your message within two week, consider the permission granted :) (just a fail-safe should I ever quit modding).

Examples of changes (see readme for full list):
  • 100 Wood (up from 20)
  • 75 Steel (up from 15)
  • 25 Rubber (up from 5)
  • 75 Concrete (up from 15)
  • 20 Screws (added)
  • 8 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 15 Copper (added)
  • 4 Broken Light Bulbs (added)
  • 4 Fuses (added)
  • 20 Pre-War Money (added)

Small Houses
  • 75 Wood (up from 15)
  • 50 Steel (up from 5)
  • 50 Concrete (up from 5)
  • 10 Screws (added)
  • 3 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 10 Copper (added)
  • 3 Broken Light Bulbs (added)
  • 3 Fuses (added)
  • 15 Pre-War Money (added)

House Pieces (lying near ruined Houses)
  • 12 Wood (added)
  • 16 Steel (up from 8)
  • 4 Rubber (added)

  • 75 Steel (up from 15)
  • 2 Broken Light Bulbs (added)
  • 2 Fuses (added)
  • 20 Gears (added)
  • 20 Screws (added)
  • 10 Springs (added)
  • 6 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 10 Rubber (added)
  • 10 Lead (added)
  • 8 Copper (added)
  • 10 Aluminum (added)

Rusty Cars/Small Cars
  • 50 Steel (up from 10)
  • 1 Broken Light Bulb (added)
  • 1 Fuse (added)
  • 15 Gears (added)
  • 15 Screws (added)
  • 8 Springs (added)
  • 4 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 5 Rubber (added)
  • 8 Lead (added)
  • 5 Copper (added)
  • 8 Aluminum (added)

  • 30 Steel (up from 5)
  • 1 Broken Light Bulb (unchanged)
  • 1 Fuse (unchanged)
  • 2 Rubber (unchanged)
  • 5 Gears (added)
  • 8 Screws (added)
  • 5 Springs (added)
  • 2 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 4 Lead (added)
  • 30 Steel (up from 5)
  • 1 Fuse (added)
  • 4 Rubber (unchanged)
  • 8 Gears (added)
  • 10 Screws (up from 4)
  • 4 Springs (added)
  • 3 Nuclear Material (added)
  • 6 Lead (added)

Car Frame
  • 30 Steel (up from 10)
  • 5 Gears (added)
  • 5 Screws (added)
  • 3 Lead (added)

Street Lamp
  • 50 Steel (up from 10)
  • 5 Rubber (unchanged)
  • 1 Broken Light Bulb (unchanged)
  • 1 Fuse (unchanged)
  • 10 Copper (added)
  • 10 Screws (added)

Street Lamp Base
  • 20 Steel (up from 8)
  • 3 Rubber (unchanged)
  • 5 Copper (added)
  • 5 Screws (added)

  • 100 Wood (up from 20)

Large Tree
  • 150 Wood (up from 30)

Blasted Tree
  • 60 Wood (up from 12)

Tree Stump
  • 40 Wood (up from 8)

Tree Roots
  • 30 Wood (up from 8)

Broken Terminal
  • 4 Steel (unchanged)
  • 2 Screws (unchanged)
  • 1 Rubber (unchanged)
  • 1 Circuitry (added)
  • 4 Copper (added)
  • 2 Vacuum Tubes (added)

  • 8 Steel (up from 4)
  • 4 Oil (added for sealed Barrels)
  • 4 Nuclear Material (added for radioactive Barrels)