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Adds unlockable improved crops for settlements plus alterations to existing crops.

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Another foray into modding, hooray!

You may have noticed that the Melon plants' leaves change color when you harvest them. I went looking for the cause, and found that the harvested version of the plant was using the textures from the Warwick Homestead mutant gourd vine for some reason.
I proceeded to fix that texture, then went hunting for other errors, and such was the rabbit hole opened.

I think that at some point in development, there was an idea to discover and unlock better crops for settlement farming, but the idea was scrapped somewhere along the line for whatever reason. There wasn't really enough in the files to say I've "restored" that, more I've created what I think it might have looked like.

The "Fresh" crops from the lab in Vault 81 can be replanted in your settlements, unlocked by completing "A Hole In The Wall" in Vault 81. This includes the Fresh Mutfruit, for which I have provided a modified texture with green leaves and red fruit.
All the Fresh versions of the crops are worth 1 settlement food but require a bag fertilizer per plant.
Fresh Mutfruit also clears a very small amount of radiation when eaten, as Dr. Penske claims it should.

To balance this out, normal Mutfruit has been reduced to 0.5 settlement food value, bringing it in line with the rest of the regular crops, and giving you the player a reason to go acquire the better crops.

But there's one better:

At the very end of "Building a Better Crop", the institute quest that takes you to Warwick Homestead, if you completed the quest a giant gourd grows in their farm. That gourd is now harvestable and replantable in your settlements as well.

In summary:

Added plants to settlements:
Fresh Melon.
Fresh Carrot.
Fresh Corn.
Fresh Mutfruit.
Mutant Melon.
Wild Corn.

Edited existing plants:
Fixed incorrect Melon texture.
Wild Mutfruit properly disappears when harvested.
Cleaned up extraneous brush from Wild Mutfruit.
Wild Mutfruit provides regular Mutfruit when harvested.
Asters lose less foliage when harvested.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems, be it bugs or things I may have overlooked, or things that might be added to take this concept ever further.
I hope to add other crops based on even more unused game files.

Added an optional file so the Gorilla Cage from Wasteland Workshop uses Fresh Mutfruit instead of Wild Mutfruit. This requires Wasteland Workshop, which is why I'm not going to roll it into the main file. ESP and ESL versions available. This feels like a good lore-friendly change to me, the Gorillas can get regular mutfruit anywhere out in the wasteland, the fresh stuff however is a special treat.