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Adds the follower ED-E as a new companion to Fallout 4.

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Fallout NV - ED-E Companion

So today is the 10 year anniversary for Fallout NV and we at the Capital Wasteland wanted to make something special; we added ED-E, the duraframe model of the Eyebot engineered by the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland. ED-E has been passed around traders and made their way down to the Commonwealth from the Mojave. You can find ED-E at the Robotics Junkyard near Sanctuary where their last buyer dumped a broken ED-E.

This mod contains ED-E as a new companion to accompany you in the Commonwealth with their iconic licence plate and stickers still intact, but can be optionally removed. You can also build a upgrade module using the plan found next to ED-E.


 - 3 variants (Bare, licence plates and upgraded)
 - New companion recruit-able and dismissible to a workshop of your choosing.

How to find ED-E

You can find ED-E in the Robotics Disposal Grounds, behind the spawn of the Sentrybot along with a note and plan for the upgrade module (Craftable at the chemistry station)


TheFriedturkey - 3D models, Textures, Rigging, CK Implementation
StevenNightfall - For being a friend and supporting the project, and play testing


Tools used:
(All done by official tools :D )
 - 3ds max 2013, with Bethesda official exporter
 - TopoGun
 - Substance Painter
 - Zbrush
 - Creation Kit