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Adds an explorable dungeon style interior and lore friendly player bunker to the Dam above Walden Pond.

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Poseidon Energy sub-Station 68-F
(Gateway to Vault 68)

Adds an explorable dungeon-style interior + fallout shelter player home to the Dam above Walden Pond. 

Before the Bombs fell Robco/Vault-Tec/Poseidon Energy entered into a joint Synthetic AI research project. A research Vault-Laboratory utilizing renewable energy resources (Vault 68) was constructed deep beneath Poseidon sub-Station 68-F.

Unlock what lies below!

This mod is best loaded before discovering Sunshine Tidings Co-op, because save-baking can have mixed results with the exterior structural changes.
Also this mod rebuilds previs/pre-combines in the 5 cells around the dam; so anything you scrapped nearby will reappear and may be un-scrappable.

There is Loot, and secrets...just bring a good gun or some friends.

This is my first ever worldspace effort, it's a simple (Proof of Concept) Mod I made for my daughter and I. Definitely a W.I.P, but in a fun playable state, if you don't mind floating, headless ghoul corpses. Just the first piece in a much larger "Vault 68" Story/Quest Project.

(Vault itself currently inaccessible)