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Jewel of the commonwealth, more like mudpit of the world

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No longer a mudpit that ruin your skimpy armor highheels or where you sink waist deep into mud in your power armor. A far desendant of Hansje (you all know him, the little Dutch fella that stuffed his finger in a dyke to prevent the country from flooding ;-) :-) ) washed up in Diamond city and felt the ancestrol urge to do something and prevent Diamond city from flooding during every downpour.

So he embarked on a epic journey to scavenge a ton of cinderblocks and quary walkways to keep everyones feet dry and mudfree. After years of work he finnaly completed his life work. No longer would the citizens of the jewel have to plow through the mud, would the farmers have to throw down their matrasses in the mud to sleep on. Now every one can walk around high and dry even during the worst rain storms the Wasteland can throw at them.

Unfortunatly, before he could be honoured and recognized for his work he was killed by the Diamond city shoe polishers guild for putting them out of work. However everyone can still enoy his hard work to this very day and enjoy a nice stroll through shanty town keeping their feet nice and dry and shoes shinny.

That;s it, that's all it does, Diamond city cleaned up by moving all debris below the ground, nothing deleted, and covering the mud with a grated floor. Screenshots tell it all.