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Overhauls various junk items and world objects to yield scrap resources more appropriate to the object in question

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Why is it that a handful of hand tools yield as much Steel as an oil drum? Why does an object called "Aluminum Tray" break down into Steel? How is it a handheld Oil Can holds more Oil than a huge fuel drum? Why are TV Dinner Trays made from Aluminum and Cafeteria Trays made from Plastic? Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten and hotdog buns come in packages of eight?

If this kind of stuff bugs you as much as it does me, this is the mod for you. I know there are others that do this kind of stuff, but many seem to be old and unsupported, and the ones I found didn't do quite what I wanted, so I made my own.

Reasonable Scrapping does three things:
- Overhaul the scrap yield of numerous junk items and world objects to give you components better reflective of the object's size and what it's actually made out of. I emphasize "reasonable", not "realistic" - if a Screwdriver yields 1 unit of Steel, then a Steel Barrel should yield more than a dozen by direct scaling. What "reasonable" means is that small objects yield less, larger objects yield more, and many objects yield new and more types of components.
- Rename numerous junk items to have more indicative names and tell them apart easier. This ranges from aesthetic changes like renaming "Oil Cannister" and "Industrial Oil Cannister" to "Steel Fuel Tank" and "Aluminum Fuel Tank", to practical and needed changes like renaming the "Aluminum Tray" and "Empty Can" you find in canneries to "Fish Tin" and "Lidded Fish Tin".
- Some junk items have had their weight reduced to be more appropriate for their actual size - empty buckets and poolballs are a little lighter while large tanks of fuel are a bit heavier.

A full list of the objects change can be found in the Documentation tab.

Note that this is my first Fallout 4 mod - if you notice any glitches or oversights, please report them to me and I will do my best to fix them promptly. If you believe some world object has not had its scrap yield adjusted properly (ie, all the other Steel Barrels yield different amounts of Steel but you find one that is unchanged), please include a screenshot of the object with its object ID displayed, if possible - this will make it much easier for me to correct the oversight.

This should go near the bottom of your mod loadorder, below any other mods that change scrap yield. If there is a compatibility issue with another mod, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Note also this will have NO EFFECT on mods that allow you to scrap more objects the vanilla game doesn't. The reason is two fold - I find the latter are not balanced anyway, I'd say they're more about letting you clean up settlements better than giving you scrap that reasonably matches what is being scrapped, and they often let you scrap so many world objects that it would be a tall order to adjust them all (I'm not gonna examine every single rubble pile and decide what it ought to break down into).