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A pretty basic mod that changes the players Jogging, Sprinting, Sneak Run and Sneak Walk movement speeds to be that of a more human nature.

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Let's move like real people huh? is a basic movement mod that changes the player character's speed on the following movement types -

Jogging (Normal Running) || 7% Slower
Sprinting || 7% Slower
Sneaking (Walk) || 24% Slower
Sneaking (Run) || 35% Slower

The above attributes are estimated, I didn't throw open a calculator and do the dividing mathematics, But i'll be sure to do that once the creation kit out and this is a lot more fleshed out.

The following move types will be changed appropriately to correspond to actual human movement, The player will no longer ice skate along the ground while sneak running, so on so forth.

To anyone who's on par with the current bug of Aiming down sights while sneaking causing you to speed along at the original sneak speeds, I'm terribly sorry that i cannot fix this in post-haste.

All bugs will be fixed and Walk Speed will be modified appropriately once the Creation Kit is finally out and about.

Thanks again to brump, the creator of the original Realistic Humanoid Movement Speeds for replying to me and getting in contact with me to talk about reuploading this kinda thing with FO4 Support.

Thanks to FlakyHD for uploading a comparison video.