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Adds the Colt Single Action Army, seen in Fallout: New Vegas as the .357 revolver. Comes with leveled lists, a handful of mods, custom animations and working power armor animations. Also works with Bullet Counted Reloads!

Permissions and credits
NOTE: Requires the new, latest (7 Oct 2020) version of Bullet Counted Reloads, available HERE 


.44 caliber revolver made famous by the old west. Behaves much like the .357 revolver in Fallout: New Vegas, and to a lesser extent the Single Action Revolver from Fallout 76. Available in 3 barrel lengths, with an alternate receiver and alternate cylinders, 3 material finishes, a .38 caliber rechamber, and with a more modern receiver style.

Works with bullet counted reloads. This is not necessarily required but if you don't install it, your character will always load 6 new rounds no matter how many shots you fired.

Spawns at gun vendors and on Triggermen from level 8. There's also a handful of them placed the in world.

How to get it
Find it in the world (starts appearing at level 8) or add it with the console. Use the command "help single 4" and scroll through until you find "single action revolver". Use "player.additem xxxxxxxx" to add it to your inventory.


ToastyFresh: Models, textures, animations, implementation
TheRizzler: for his very helpful weapon creation tutorial
Shavkacagarikia: The leveled list script and QA help
Kung fu Man: allowing me to pester him with questions about the CK
F4NV team: Inspiration, motivation and moral support
Shadeanimator: for the Fallout 4 Animation Kit
Ehtyeci: for the Power Armor CAT rig
F4NV community server: moral support, enthusiasm and bug testing

-When you reload less than 6 rounds at once, the animation skips ahead to the idle pose. This is an issue with BCR and I cannot resolve it.
-Animation sometimes "jerks" at the end of the reload animation in third person.