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A mod that adds variations of VANILLA (sorry to disappoint you) weapons and armors.

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This mod will no longer recieve updates.

This mod adds several variations of vanilla armors and weapons.

 This mod adds:

 Stealth Armor
 Battle Armor
 Steel Armor Helmet, Chest Piece, Both Arms, Both Legs
 (Im having Problems with the Ballistic Damage Resistance not being what I set it to,
  so if anyone knows my problem, it would be nice if you helped me. Im on Creation Kit.)

 1. Plasma Minigun
 2. 10mm Minigun
 3. .50
 4. .308
 5. Nuke Grenade
 6. Upgraded Fat Man
 7. Laser Beam Pistol

All items are found at the bridge near Vault 111/Sanctuary Hills.

If you have any request regarding balancing/new items or want to help me solve the problem stated at armor contact [email protected] Thank you!

New with v.1.5.00:

 1. .55

 1. Hunting Knife
 2. A "Unique" weapon
 3. Laser Beam Rifle