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Remember Fallout 3, where the VATS screech also played when exiting VATS? This mod brings that back.

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Another simple sound replacement, even simpler than the one i uploaded actually.
This mod replaces the VATS Exit sound, with the VATS Enter sound.
What i'm saying is that it replaces the VATS "woosh" sound when you exit VATS with the "SCREEECH" sound when you enter VATS. That's it.

Once again, shouldn't conflict with anything that edits UI_VATS_Exit.xwm (aka. the single file this mod replaces)

MOD MANAGER INSTALLATION: Click the Download with Vortex button above.

MANUAL INSTALLATION: Download it. Extract archive to where-ever. Place the Data folder in your Fallout 4 directory. Done. (maybe backup your game prior to messing with the files just in case)