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Fallout: The Rise of Psykers brings a lot of new features that relate to Psykers that exist in Fallout lore. This file is uploaded to recruit other modders who are interested in the Project.
If you want to join the project , please see Fallout: The Rise of Psykers Discord!

Permissions and credits
[This is very important!]
This mod is just published for recruitment for the project. The Pre-Alpha version means this is really unpolished. So keep using this mod in your main game is not recommended.
Updating this project would be per month. The estimated time of leaving the Pre-Alpha is within 6 months.

[Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer]

[   Requirements   ]
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) [build: 0.6.21] and  Mod Configuration Menu 1.39 is required.  The game version must be above v1.10.114.

[How to play demo]
There is a debug cell where you can try all of current features.
For the first time, the game automatically teleport player to this debug cell when you load the game with this mod for the first time.
If the player doesn't teleport automatically, Just type the line in Console.


In the debug cell, there are a lot of buttons that explain about features. Some features require to read the descriptions to use such as the mining system, psychic powers.

[Creator's Network]
●ACTIONFIGHTER11 for helping me and the project!



[3D Artists]

nikiyani for Medieval Twin-hand Sword
vertedge for Fantasy spear
shawychodonosor for Spartan Shield and Spear
tristanfaure for Katana
RyanReos for Ancient Artifact
drumdorf for Infused Rings
willpowaproject for Soul Taker and TSOL dagger
nellyb for Chakram
Leartes Studios for Medieval / Viking Weapons and Shields Set
Gnarly Potato for Medieval Helmet Pack
DmitriyDryzhak for Medieval Survivalist Forge and Minerals
Atlant Games for Magical Two-Handed Staffs

[Modding Community]
●Modders who create mods(I usually like to watch their work on Youtube, and these modders makes me motivated as well !)
●People who wrote Creation Kit Wiki
●The Rizzler for Fallout 4 Weapon Modding Tutorial
●Kinggath for Bethesda Mod School
●Neeher for FO4 Creation Kit Tutorials
●ShadeAnimator for Fallout 4 Animation Kit (F4AK)

All of works except for 3d models is created by me.