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Makes the Double Barrel a bit more powerful, but slows down the reload speed to make it a bit more useful in some situations, but a bit more useless in others.

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One thing that made me a bit upset was how the Combat Shotgun and the Double Barrel Shotgun were basically identical, but one had a smaller magazine. I wanted to make this because I wanted more variety in both shotguns (and because I think the Double Barrel is sexy as hell.) I now included a file that increases the damage, but doesn't touch the reload speed.

The base damage is 80 and the reload speed is 0.5

I decided to make this for personal use (like I do with most mods I make with xEdit), but I learned how to convert an esp file into a 7zip file, so now I can upload any mods I make with xEdit. This is my first mod, and hopefully not my last. I may start uploading more tweaks like this in the future once I end up expanding my knowledge on xEdit (and maybe even the Creation Kit if I want to get more advanced.)