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Contains a plug-in for a functional, shuffling radio station with no music.

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Build your own radio station in a couple of clicks!

Step 1:
Download the mod and activate it.

Step 2:
Collect (up to) 52 music files in 16-bit .wav format.  Look below for tips on how to save time.

Step 3:
Copy those files into your Fallout 4/Data/Sound/fx/mus/radio/ApocRadio folder.  If that directory doesn't exist, create it.

Step 4:
Select them all, click Rename and type "Song" with capital S, no quotes and hit enter.  You should have 52 songs named Song (1), Song (2), Song (3) . . . Song (52).

Step 5 (Optional):

Open ApocRadio.esl in xEdit and select the Message : FExxx034 : ZPAR_RadioMessageApocRadio.  Change the DESC and FULL strings to whatever you would like your in-game display name for the radio station to be.  Right above that under Constructible Object : FExxx0D7 : workshop_co_RadioApocRadio, change its DESC to read "Tuned to <whatever name you chose radio>."

Enjoy your new music!

You can build working radios for the channel in your settlements.

Available in 24, 33, 45, and 56 song versions.  The main Vortex version is 24 tracks.

New better shuffle function ensures a song will not play again until the entire playlist has been played through.

Optional files:
>Second Radio Station adds an additional radio station called Wave Radio.  It is for 33 tracks and is made using the same instructions as above but the music should be copied to your Fallout 4/Data/Sound/fx/mus/radio/WaveRadio folder.

>Template Radio Eyebot changes the eyebot that typically floats around Diamond City to play your new radio station instead.

>Template Radio Holotape Player adds recipes for holotape players like the one found in the player's home before the bomb drops.  There is one for Classical, Diamond City and Template Radio stations.

>Template Radio Vault Speaker adds recipes for Vault Workshop clean speakers tuned to Diamond City and Template Radio, (one tuned to classical is already included.)
  Vault Workshop DLC is required for this file.

Step 2 Audacity tips:
Import audio:
Audacity is a free and open-source audio editing program that can make converting your audio very simple.  So after downloading and installing it, open the program.  Now click and drag your files onto Audacity.  Depending on the quality of your computer you can either do 10 songs at a time all the way to all 52 at once.

You may wish to modify the volume of your music depending on the volume you would like your music to play in-game.  Leaving it as-is will result in it playing at peak, iPod style volume.  Diamond City Radio plays much more softly so that the player can still hear much of what is going on around them.  You can adjust the volume for the blocks of songs you added all at once.  Click Effect, choose Amplify, and type in something around -5 db.  Depending on your computer this will take a couple of minutes.

Export Multiple:

When you are ready to save, select Export Multiple, choose your output folder, and the default should say Split files based on tracks and Name files using Using Label/Track Name.  Choose the format WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM, select Overwrite existing files if you desire and click Export.  This will also take a few minutes depending on your computer as well.  That's it, go back to Step 3.

Note: I know what you're thinking.  Cool!  I'll download this mod ten times and have ten music stations easy-peasy!  Unfortunately no.  A second copy of the mod will look in the same directory for the same songs and also would have the same transmission frequency.  It's good for only one station per game, unfortunately.

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