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This mod adds a fully functional and fully built outdoor apartment settlement to Lexington.

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This mod adds a fully functional and fully built outdoor apartment settlement to Lexington.
Its all trashed up but has NO broken walls, ceilings or floors
99% of the interior decorations, trash and furniture is scrap-able without any scrapping mods. I just figured some like dirty settlements, other like clean ones. this has the best of both worlds, to scrap or not to scrap, that is the question. but its up to you.

Its like an interior apartment settlement, but is in an exterior. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while and finally got around to doing it. I rebuilt all the precombines so there will be no issues with that, and you should get a solid 60fps like I do. Well, that is if your PC is capable of that in the first place.

Large Field for planting crops, water pond for purifying, the overpass can be built on. There is a visible build border. Settlers will sandbox inside the apartment but not on the top level, basically the armory, but who knows what you will want to use it for.

There are a few Raiders you'll have to dispatch before you can take ownership. Watch out though, in testing this mod one of the Raiders spawned with a Missile Launcher.

If for some reason you cannot get control of the workshop after killing all the Raiders, just head up to the balcony on the tower (see pictures) I've built in a workshop setowned trigger just incase. All you Have to do is stand on the balcony.

For easy powering of the settlement, Ive added a power generating/emitting wall connector to workshop mode. It generates 5 power, but does not count toward the total power of the settlement, it will as well radiate that power the same distance as a vanilla wall connector. 

This mod will most likely conflict with anything that alters outdoor cells of Lexington. But only with mods that actually change the worldspace, not mods that simply add new things to said worldspace, like an armor set in a new container.

And upload some pictures of what you've done with the place, no permissions needed for me.