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The Wolf's Lair is a player home located just west of Cambridge Polymer Labs. Although it is a fully functional settlement, it was designed and built to be a player home only. I created this player home for myself but I am sharing it with others in the community.

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The Wolf's Lair

Backstory: The Wolf's Lair was built to be a sanctuary and command center for the top leadership of the Enclave and their families. Thirteen of these top secret facilities were planned to be built throughout the United States, however only six were fully completed prior to the Great War. These facilities were totally automated and a permanent security detail was assigned to ensure that they stayed safe and secure. The construction of these special Enclave facilities, along with Vault Tech's 'Corporate Vault Program', caused serious delays in the completion of planned vaults in the surrounding area (Examples: Vault 88 and 114). The Wolf's Lair was completed in the year 2075 several years before the bombs fell. The security detail immediately took up station and ensured that the surrounding residents of Boston remained totally unaware of its existence. However, the day the bombs dropped, the installation was not activated as most of the senior leadership were either out of position or preferred to take sanctuary within the main Enclave offshore facility.

Although the facility was occupied for sort periods of time by other elements of the Enclave, only the security detail and their decedents and/or replacements remained inside through the decades. Eventually contact with the Enclave was completely lost and the last security detail eventually left the facility to live above ground. Many years later, the Sole Survivor encounters one of these decedents and learns of the general location of the facility. They remember many years ago, of rumors of a mysterious construction project near the VFW Fraternal Post 115. They search the area and eventually discover this hidden treasure.

After over 200 years, the faculty remains fully functional. Could this facility become a new home and base of operations?  It certainly can be improved with many modern upgrades especially if one can gain influence with the Institute.

Additional information: Although the Wolf's Lair is a fully functional settlement, it is not designed to be such. I did so with the objective to only be able to dismiss companions here and to build items in workshop mode to complete some furnishing needs (weapons racks, video games, etc.). There is a key within a hollow rock next to the entrance door (think of this as my totally inadequate quest to gain ownership of the facility). The workbench is located within the maintenance and workshop room; located on the wall to the right as you enter.

Credits: I would like to thank the following for their help with my many issues in creating this mod, or for allowing me to use some of their assets that they created:

RedRocketTV and Neeher (Tutorial videos).
Cartman1975, Thuggysmurf and Pepperman35 (Scripts, textures and material assets).
Niston, AnOutdatedMind, SKK50, Zorkaz and Speednyl (general help answering questions).