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Gives the Wattz Laser Gun a custom behavior, fixed sounds, and other stuff.

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Gives the Wattz Laser Gun a custom FX behavior with support for See Through Scopes if you use it. This fixes the sound issues with the Gauss rifle and allowed for more animated FX stuff to happen like the fire selector switch moving and the display turning off when dropped into the world, holstered, etc. Also added loop points to the existing Wattz charging audio for the new charge fire mode. Thanks to MischiefBrew0 for allowing me to include his fixed first person power armor animations in this mod as-well to round out the sound fixes.

The new stuff... nothing earth shattering here just 3 additional skins 2 of which spawn in world, find the location and they become build-able at a weapon bench, the third is faction conditioned (its the Minutemen....ya have to join the Minutemen..). NONE of these are really new they are existing skins with stuff piled on top. There's 2 alt pistol grips that are the original model but with the charge counter exposed. With the added charge fire mode, the barrel controls the length of time the charge up takes and the minimum power per shot if not fully charged.

Did some light esp cleaning and most of the original hand placed guns have been moved slightly or had some decorative stuff added around it, all are still in the same cell. Shotgun barrels shoot more projectiles, changed plasma projectile for the Disintegrator....and some other edits I cant remember right now..............have fun!

Many thanks to:
DeadPool2099 & friends - Wattz Laser Gun
MischiefBrew0 - 1st person PA sound fix
henkspamadres - confidence boost
FO4 Edit, Nifskope, HKXpack, NP++, Gimp, Wavosaur