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MOAR Upgrades for the Laser Musket

Permissions and credits
- Increased Laser Musket damage from 30 to 33, and Preston's default Laser Musket from 18 to 21, as well as Preston's Laser Musket has 6-cranks by default.
 - More item requirements, Gun-Nut perks are required to create the extended versions.
 - Additional Barrel attachments for the Laser Musket, added "Sniper" Barrel and "Improved" high-tier attachments. With their bonuses similar to the standard Laser Weapons.
 - The extension of the Improved version of the Sniper barrel is longer by design.
 - Bracketed versions are much heavier.
 - Readjusted barrels' accuracy.
 - Full-Stock does better bash, has better range and accuracy.
 - Added Marksman Stock, does Full-Stock's job better.
 - The Marksman Stock has better handling traits.
 - The added "Sniper" barrel for the Laser Musket decreases reload speed instead of capacity. Has no charge time other than the reload sequence.
 - The "Sniper" barrel  in both the Laser Musket and the Rifle/Pistol increases Recoil by 35%.
 - Added the additional Muzzle Attachments for the Laser Musket, the Amplified Beam-Splitter, Fine-Tuned Beam-Focuser and the Quantum Gyro Compensating Lens.
 - The Beam Splitter has 5 projectiles with +30% damage, while the Amplified Beam Splitter has 9 projectiles, and gives +50% increased damage.
 - Beam Focuser and Fine-Tuned beam focuser does 5 to 15% armor penetration.
 - Crank Capacitors adds +5% reload speed per additional level, at +20% max reload speed with the Six-Crank Capacitor.
 - "Automatic" Legendary Mod is now eligible for modding, and you can craft your own Automatic Receiver. Available early in the game, it's for a make-shift automatic laser weapon.
 - The "Short" Barrel series will add 25% fire speed for the "Automatic" Legendary Mod, whilst the "Sniper" Barrel Series decreases fire speed by 25% instead.
 - Based from it's data by the FO4 Edit, it's not usable by the NPC, so i made it usable.
 - Attachments' required perks and materials are rebalanced.
 - Adds the 6-shot Semi-Automatic version which will not expend all rounds at a single-shot.
 - Added separate mod-attachment for various effects, like burning-damage, critical-damage bonus, just plain-damage bonus, and their combinations. [v6.00 - NEW]

 - opengts - that Laser Musket Sniper barrel and extensions was made by him, really really really really really big thanks to him.
 - Bethesda - yeah, Fallout 4, of course.

Known Bugs:
 - Preston Garvey's Default weapon would be kind of broken. I don't know why, or how to fix it. A band-aid solution is giving him anything other than his default Laser Musket. It is however some isolated cases, as on my second play-through i have not seen this happen.
 - Because of these mods premature before GECK for fallout 4(if named as such), I could not properly calibrate the concatenation of the name. Such as it will show up as "Laser Musket Sniper Rifle", which obviously makes no sense. It is however fixable by simply renaming the weapon, if you're not too bothered of that.

Compatibility Notes:

To the modders that intend to modify my mod, first off F-Off! It's not that hard, but it's frustrating and tedious work. But it's not like i can stop you, it's the damn internet, so I might as well tell you how to properly do so, so you won't F this up. 

 - The attachments are now "Sourced" on the weapon, than the receiver. this means that Preston's Laser Musket and Generic Laser Musket is modified, and has to modify if it were to be made compatible with other mods that include modification in the base weapons themselves.

 - Because the "Automatic" attachment is originally was a Legendary, then any mod that modifies the default Automatic legendary would conflict, such as the Craftable Legendary Mods. It is however possible to use both, but it will require my mod to be loaded after the Craftable Legendary Mods in the load-order. But the game will use MY Automatic mod -- e.g. it will no longer use Effect Chips if the "Craftable Legendary Mods" (below) is installed with this mod, as well as it will still show up as another craftable item, essentially there will be two "Automatic" Receiver mods but will attach the exact same attachment with different requirements.


If you liked this mod, please endorse it. I like the attention. ^_^ Also check out the other mods I made.

Big big big big thanks to opengts for his contribution. I just played with FO4Edit, but he made the Sniper Barrels.
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 - Bayonets for Laser Musket
 - Gatling Laser Overhaul
 - Equalizer Capacitors for Institute and Standard Laser Gun
 - Legendary Modification Rebalance
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 - Useful Crank - Laser Musket doesn't require Ammo 

FAQ: My mod is not working!

1.) Does it crash before you could get to the Main Menu?

 - I don't know, maybe conflicting mods.

2.) I've installed the mod, but none of my mods are showing up.

 - Fallout 4 constantly rewrites "User/<username>/AppData/Local/Fallout4/Plugins.txt" into default. You have to make it "Read-Only" so the Fallout 4 would not rewrite it and load your mods. If you were to add any mods, you have to turn it "Read-Only" once more. If you are not using NMM, then you have to disable Read-Only before you can edit it, and then after applying the changes just apply "Read Only" again.

3.) Seconds after loading, or while loading my saves, the game crashes!.

 - You must have some conflicting mods, or missing assets. Try it without any other mods but this and the required file, and you should not see any more crashes. However, i know that you want to play with your own set of mods too, so it's the matter of finding what conflicts with your mod, and then try different things like different load orders.

Other fixes require unloading all of the mods, running it once, and then run it with your mods or simply restart your PC. This has to be done repeatedly however, every time you have loaded Fallout 4 in your system, you have to to clean your cache first (the method above). This is not an efficient method, but it will work.

You can also apply the assets manually into the data folder.

4.) Preston's Laser Musket is broken, it's only showing the receiver.

 - How the Laser Musket works is that the Receiver permits the attachments (Scope,Barrel and Stock) rather than the barrel itself. This mod changes that, and so were the other mods before it, the attachments are now "Sourced" at the weapon than the Receiver.

In the older versions, i have forgotten that Preston has his own Laser Musket weapon (Preston's Laser Musket) entity and has to be manually attached. And so with the Attachment Sources removed from the Receivers in this mod and sourced from the weapon itself (as were the old version), his own Laser Musket entity has no slots to attach the additional weapons, and so when the mod is applied, the weapon attachments; barrels, stock and scope are also removed, leaving only the Receiver, like what you are seeing. 

If you have installed the old versions, this is probably permanent if you have saved it with the broken mod. It's somewhat fixed by giving Preston another Laser Musket or loading a save prior to the mod's installation.

If you can access the console command, simply copy-paste (yes ctrl-c ctrl-v works on console): "1a4d7.removeitem 62aa6;1a4d7.additem 62aa6"