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This mod converts the Grease Rat Garb male outfits and backpacks to the Super Hero Body (SHB). It provides all the Bodyslide project files needed to build the the outfits. Included are ZAP sliders for Bodyslide to manage clipping and toggle outfit parts. SCLP files are included to help with armor scaling.

Permissions and credits
Super Hero Body (SHB) Conversions for Grease Rat Garb (GRG)

This mod converts all the Grease Rat Garb male outfits and backpacks to the Super Hero Body (SHB). The conversion was done using the EVB SHB Conversion for EVB Nudes v2 All-In-One although it will also work with the default nevernude SHB version (just that the underwear will show above the waist line in some outfits), as well as any SHB EVB based body mod. It provides all the Bodyslide project files needed to build the converted meshes. Included are ZAP sliders for Bodyslide to help control clipping and toggle certain items (like tank-top or accessories). It also includes optional SCLP files that can be used with the CK to get rid of arm armor over-scaling. Users will need to do the ESP update themselves, however, per the wishes of the GRG mod authors to not include an edited ESP on this page.

The vanilla body reference was left in some  cases as there was no need to have the EVB mesh (no bare feet, nipples, or other areas where it is needed). Only the SHB sliders were added. All the body slide projects were built using my current characters SHB body preset and comes with pre-built meshes. If you want the vanilla body size, one of SHB's presets, or a custom setting, then you will need to rebuild the outfits in Bodyslide.

Current Version:

These conversions are current for GRB version 1.2.1a last updated on 25 February 2021


Grease Rat Garb Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45813
Super Hero Body (SHB): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10360
Enhanced Vanilla Body by Leito (required for SHB): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22110

Strongly Recommended:
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (only if you want to build your own meshes or edit the outfits)
: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25

Optional but Recommended:

SHB Conversion for EVB Nudes v2 All-In-One: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33556

Notes and Instructions:

Zap Sliders and Building in Body Slide:

Some of the outfits have ZAP sliders. These are set to remove clipping on body parts (like legs through the pants, or torso through tank top, etc.). When building be sure to check the appropriate ZAP slider box to remove clipping. In addition there are some ZAP sliders to remove the tank top or other items. The Squirrel has one to remove the stuffed animal; the Brynja has one to remove the garters and leggings plus a shirtless version with different toggle options; Hazardous and Stars and Stripes have a shirtless version (I made them separate as I had to make them with the EVB body reference versus vanilla); The Rocker has a shirtless version plus has toggles for the necklace and bandage; The backpack the Rig has an option to remove everything except the bandolier (as its the best fitting bandolier I have ever come across and great for using with visible weapons on the back); Bounty Hunter has a toggle for the leather chest pad and decal; Kova has a toggle for the vest-corset and underwear rim; The Hero was set back to its default look. Probably some more I am forgetting - I left a lot of options for people to play with.

The Bare outfit has a weight issue with the belt pouches attached to the waist belt. It wasn't consistent - sometimes they worked and other times the pouches remained static and would not move properly when the character walked or ran or otherwise moved - they would distort badly. So I made a ZAP to remove them as I hate working with weights in Body Slide.

Review each outfit, set your zap sliders, then build as needed. There may still be some clipping as I didn't test in all animations, movement, etc., I tend to clean things up as I find them. But I tested the basics and it looked good.

Grease Rat Garb SCLP Files

Most of the outfits don't have sleeves and hence you can wear arm accessories easily. The problem is that in some cases they will scale over the outfit creating the bloated armor look (note this isn't an issue with the vanilla body and base mod - it's an issue with the conversion to SHB). I took the SCLP files from the vanilla raider harness, tweaked the values a little, then modified them to work with all the Grease Rat Garb male outfits.

However, they only work if you take those SCLP files and import them into the ESP file with the CK (or maybe FO4Edit can do it, don't know). The GRG mod authors preferred I not include my edited ESP as it could cause issues with a script they have that checks versions in the ESP (i.e. in case my conversion gets out of date with theirs). So I am only including the SCLP files (installed in the proper folder for use with the CK) but they won't do anything unless you import them. If I can figure out how to solve the bloat with the converted files (since it is not in vanilla) then I will update and remove the SCLP files.

To import start the CK and open up the GRG ESP mod file. Go to the Armor Add On section and filter on TNGR. Then open up each armor one by one and use the import SCLP button. You will see the male imported but a message that the female did not as it doesn't exist. That is fine. I didn't make female versions. Once done save the ESP. The SCLP files won't be needed after that unless a new ESP is provided by GRB in an update - then you need to repeat it again. Also note not all outfits needed an SCLP file so I only included the ones that needed it.

If you don't have armor add-on bloating, don't care, or don't plan on using armor on the arms (like metal or leather or combat) then no need to do anything and you can just delete the SCLP files.

Note I did not try to make leg armor fit. Most of the leg outfits are large and I don't feel adding leg armor is appropriate in that case. You can wear leg armor but it will clip in most cases.

Chest armor usually works fine but I didn't test with all the various types of chest armor.


I converted these and they work well enough. Some backpacks won't work with certain outfits because they have straps that will clip versus layering over. Too be expected really. Find the ones that work well together and go with it. On my own use I tend to go shirtless or just a tank top so hasn't been an issue. If it does become one then I would just create a ZAP to toggle the straps off.


The key mods I used to make my male characters in the images are:

Lots of More Hair: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10695
Lots of More Facial hair: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10746
Victoriam Body Textures (note I use older versions no longer available): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42913

Credit and Permission:

Thanks to Tinuvia and Myrmarachne for giving me permission to upload my SHB conversions to their wonderful mod!
Thanks to Leito for EVB
Thanks to Ousnius and Caliente for Body Slide and Outfit Studio
Thanks to smorris2012 for SHB and Jay33721 for the Nude SHB version (and all his hairy textures)
... also thanks to Bethesda and Nexus!

No permissions are granted on any files related to Grease Rat Garb or any other mod assets related to another mod authors work. Contact them directly if you want permissions. However, my conversion files are free to anyone to use although it is always nice if you can mention my name in the credits if you use any of them.