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Activision Infinity Ward - kinzbern - TheBeastOfBurden

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This mod is an expansion on kinzbern's amazing MW Krueger mod. It adds 4 skins from MW and 3 custom mash-ups to the mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod is MALE only and will only work when installed AFTER kinzbern's amazing 
MW Krueger mod.
Big Credits at this point to him, I wouldn't have been able to create this mod without his. All of the textures rely on his specular and normal maps and the mod is built around his .nifs., therefore it is a HARD REQUIREMENT.

This mod adds in 7 new outfits and 3 nettings for Krueger which are craftable in the chembench:

Alchemist (MW Skin)
Silent Sigma (MW Skin)
Shrouded (MW Skin)
Marsh Demon (MW Skin + Netting)
Reckoner (All-black Custom Outfit + Black Netting)
Drifter (Custom Mash-Up)
Jungle Hunt (Custom Mash-Up)

Swamp Netting 



Activision Blizzard / Infinity Ward: assets

kinzbern: creating the amazing mod that made this possible.

The Beast of Burden (MONOMVNIA): adding new textures.