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A F76 styled UI reskin. Compatible with any menu video / sound replacer. Inspired by HUD76 mod, but with less bugs. Look at the screenshots for more details.

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Fallout 76 styled UI reskin for Fallout 4.
It's compatible with any mod that replace main video/sound. HUD76 mod is highly recommended but not required (remember to do not install it's main menu replacer / install before my mod).

Mod consist of few elements - one will replace main menu (and MCM if installed), second will replace Barter, Trade, Sleep, VATS, Crafting and Loading UI, another XDI (but needs XDI to be installed,
and you need to turn off brackets in MCM menu of XDI to make it look like in gallery). Trade and Barter will of course replace DEF_UI etc. mods so THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE (but in the feature I may make a patch, in the comments there is a tutorial for fixing HUD76 Container menu which supports DEF_UI). And don't worry - these do not count to the load order limit.

Choose only one option - with a more orange accents or colorless version.
Only for 16:9 monitors, but if anyone would like to make a patch - feel free to do it.

I've added small fix for overlapping elements and scaled hit marker in HUD for HUD76 users.
If you like it endorse it! Feel free to post feedback, bugs and opinions!

Credits to registrator2000 and other authors for the MCM and XDI 

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