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Presets for male and female Super mutant look-a-like (or more precisely a failed FEV experiment to create a Super mutant) for Super mutant playthrough.

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Say hello to Ray and Raylene, your new friendly Super mutant neighbors.
Since you are here, you may also be interested in my Super mutant Player Voice made to go with these presets, and FEV Player to make mutants friendly and other things.

You may need Looks Menu Customization Compendium to get the same look (i tried sticking to vanilla assets, but there is probably a blemish or two from LMCC that i unknowingly used).
To get the bald head, you need some bald haircut - where to get one, i have no idea, i made one just for the screenshots, but for the playthrough i actually used the Child of Atom haircut from Far Harbor (you can see Ray with it on one of the screenshots).