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Successor to the Liberty Loft for New Vegas. Detailed loft home with rooftop access right outside Diamond City.

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Update 1.1:
I missed a few containers that were still marked as respawning. Those are corrected in the new file (1.1).
Please remove your items from the containers before updating.

- Loft with gaming setup.
- Bathroom with hot tub.
- Rooftop access.
- Fully navmeshed.
- Lobby with working elevator.
- Interactive doors on cabinets and counters.
- American revolution-esque stairwell to workshop.
- Full gym with unique elements.
- Conspiratorial room.
- Workbench area including the robot creator/modifier.
- Fireplace with cozy glow sets the atmosphere as you walk in.
- Use of recessed walls for bookshelves/storage.
- Great location right outside of the Great Green Jewel's gate.
- Unique attention to detail in all aspects.
- Cleaned with xEdit.
- All storage is safe, does not respawn.
- Key is on the board in the lobby.

Requires: All DLC.
Uses all vanilla assets including the cut bed from Vault 88.


Thanks to Seddon4494's videos for the elevator Pack-In.

Inspired by another mod I made called Liberty Loft in Freeside.

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