Fallout 4
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Replaces the texture of some vanilla consumables with similar Swedish products.
Alternatively adds unique swedish products to the Super Duper Mart grocery store within Lexington.

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For better or worse, this mod replaces the textures of some of the vanilla games consumable products with textures of similar Swedish products (or international products that you would be likely to find in a Swedish grocery store).

So far the following products are replaced:

Bubblegum -> Hubbabubba
Blamco Mac and Cheese - > Snabbmakaroner (quick macaroni)
Cram -> Leverpastej (Liver pâté)
Fancy Lads cakes -> Delicato box
Pork n' Beans -> Ärtsoppa med fläsk (Pea soup with pork)
Nuka Cola -> Julmust
Nuka-Cherry -> Hallonsoda (raspberry soda)
Salisbury Steak -> Skomakarlåda
Potted meat -> Surströmming
Sugar Bombs -> kalaspuffar (Honey Monster Puffs )
and the carton of dirty water has been changed into a repurposed milk carton.

As this is just a simple texture replacer all the items still have their original game names.


The stand-alone version looks exactly like the replacer version, using the same shapes and textures, except that the items exist as their own in game items.
As a result of this, the stand alone version includes some material and mesh files, as well as an esp file to handle everything.
The new items are located at the Super Duper Mart in Lexington, to the far right off the entrance.

If you wish to make improvements to this mod or make another mod based of its assets, then you're free to do so without asking me (you also don't have to give credit).