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A batch file to generate bodyslide files for U.P.F. (unique Player Framework)

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Note: requires PHP!!!

This is a batch file to generate sliderset files for BodySlide.

This is a followup of my upf_copy batch file and I made it because it doesn't handle .tri (bodymorph) files correctly.

As I don't really know powershell however, I just made the decision to code this in pure PHP.


  1. Download it as a mod using Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex
  2. Add a new executable, and select tools/upf_bodyslide_generator/upf_bodyslide_generator.bat.
  3. Copy the sample ini file and change the fallout 4 data directory (or do it after running it initially).
  4. Run the tool.

The batch file will automatically copy and convert bodyslide project files (tools/bodyslide/slidersets/*.osp) to unique player framework when it matches the rules.

There is a chance the tool will also pickup slidersets for non-vanilla armor/clothes, as outfit authors sometimes will place their meshes in meshes/armors/<outfitname>/<outfitname>.nif. You can just delete the wrongly generated osp files afterwards.

For step 2, I highly recommend setting the executable path to the one in the mod staging folder.
For example: D:\mo2\mods\upf_bodyslide_generator-1.0\tools\upf_bodyslide_generator\upf_bodyslide_generator.bat

Doing this will make sure the Fallout 4 data directory will stay clean (as the meshes will be inside the mod folder).

Instructions for possible batch file updates in the future

To not loose your copied or changed sliderset files

  1. Go into the mod staging folder for upf_copy.
  2. Drag the tools/bodyslide folder to a temporary folder
  3. Install the update
  4. Drag back tools/bodyslide folder

Technical details for outfit replacer authors
The batch file will parse the .OSP file, look for the outputpath, change it according to UPF rules, and then save it with a prefix or suffix as a new bodyslide project file.

Add support for copying TXT files (high heels framework)