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A platform-independent and extensible, open-source Pipboy Companion Application written in Python and Qt. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, and is meant as replacement of the official companion app on the PC.

Permissions and credits

PyPipboyApp is a platform independent and extensible unofficial Fallout 4 Pipboy Companion App written in Python3 using PyQt5. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, and is meant as replacement of the official companion app on the PC (You don't need to mess around with that non-working android emulator anymore, isn't that great news!).

It currently provides the same features as the official companion app, and on top of that it adds it's own features like note taking, POI markers, hotkeys, automatic application of stimpacks, and more ...

Here's a introduction video (It's not up-to-date anymore and really bad, it would be great if someone could make a better one):


  • Platform independent, extensible and Open-Source (Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Uses dock widgets that can be individually shown/hidden, and dragged and dropped to any position, allowing to fully customize the GUI
  • Allows to even further customize the GUI by using style sheets (for an eye pleasing dark theme)
  • Comes with a lot of widgets that display lots of different information (local and global map, player stats, ....)
  • Supports taking notes and placing your own map markers
  • Allows you to view collectibles (Magazines and Bobble-Heads) on the map and track if you have already collected them
  • Allows you to send commands to the game (fast travel, equip item, ...)
  • Hotkey support on Windows
  • Relay Mode allowing you to connect two instances of this application together
  • Data import/export
  • Automatic version check

Included Widgets

  • Data Browser
  • Data Update Logger
  • Player Info
  • Player Condition (showing limb damage)
  • Date/Time
  • Map (Global and Local)
  • Hotkeys (by akamal)
  • Equipped Weapons and Grenades (by akamal)
  • Small Player Info (by akamal)
  • Active Effects
  • Radio
  • Location Browser
  • Quests (by killean)
  • Perks (by killean)
  • workshops (by killean)
  • Player Status and Statistics (by killean)
  • Doctor's Bag (by akamal)
  • Inventory Browser
  • Auto Doc (by killean)
  • Ammo Count (by gwhittey)

Third-Party Widgets


  • Download the All-In-One archive from the download section, unpack it, and start PyPipboyApp.exe
  • Enable the Companion App in the Fallout 4 ingame settings.
  • Connect to the running game.

For advanced user there is also a script only version.

Known Issues

  • The local map looks scrambled? Then you probably need this fix.

Important Information

  • Fallout 4 does only allow one single connection at a time. This means you cannot connect the official app and this application at the same time (You can however use the relay mode to connect another instance of this app to an already running instance).
  • When Fallout 4 is in the background (e.g. because you pressed ALT+TAB), then it will accept a new connection, but not send any data until it is in the foreground again.
  •  Fallout 4 will not execute commands (e.g. fast travel, set/remove custom marker) when you are in the menu or the away-from-keyboard animation is playing.
  • When you closed a widget and you don't know how to open it again, right-click on the menu bar. Then a context menu will open, that allows you to show/hide any available widgets.

Current Status

The application is currently under heavy development and in an alpha state, but in my opinion already quite usable. But beware that there may be still bugs.


Active development happens on github. There you can browse the source code. And if you want to contribute, don't hesitate to contact me.


The python scripts are released under GPL 3.0. The graphical assets are from the official Companion App and are subject to Bethesda's terms of services.




- Fixed crash when connecting to a PS4
- Fixed crash when quick-aid widget is enabled and no save is loaded
- Made collectibles' visual range setting independent from map resolution

- Other performance improvements and bugfixes


- Fixed wrongly placed map markers when map replacer like Satellite World Mapare used
- Fixed crash caused by some active effects
- Fixed satellite view map
- Other performance improvements and bugfixes


- Performance Improvements

- Improved error logging
- Fixed context-menu of collectible markers
- Added new maps: Satellite View and Satellite View (Color) [Credits to FloorBelow]


- Added help for Auto Doc widget
- Improved loading of collectibles markers
- Fixed a critical string parsing bug
- Improved accuracy of map marker placement
- Improved network code
- Other small bug fixes and performance improvements


- Added POI markers and collectible marker (with audio alerts) (Credits to akamal)
- Added Auto Doc widget (Credits to killean)
- Added Ammo Count widget (Credits to gwhittey)
- Added resizable map markers (Credits to gwhittey)

- A lot of bugfixes and other improvements


- Added quests, perks, workshop, statistics browser and player status widgets (Credits to killean)
- Added doctor's bag (Credits to akamal)
- Added inventory browser
- Improved every existing widget
- Added location notes
(Credits to akamal) and artillery range to global map
- Added data import/export
- Added automatic version check
- Added relay mode
- A lot of bugfixes and improvements

- Other things I forgot


- Added Small Player Info Widget and akPip-Green style (Credits to akamal)
- Added Location Browser
- Improved hotkeys widget
- Several bugfixes and improvements


- Got rid of PyInstaller. File size has doubled, but (hopefully) no more false-positives with AV-software.
- Added hotkey and equipped weapons & grenades (Credits to akamal).
- Added radio and active effects widgets.
- Several small bugfixes and improvements.


- All-In-One package is now 32-bit
- Added configurable rate limiter to the local map widget.
- Added more maps to the global widget.
- Auto-connect at startup.
- Most settings are now persistently saved.
- A lot of small bugfixes and improvements.