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Gets rid of empty bottles in Nuka Cola Vending Machines and adds the New Nuka World drinks to the Commonwealth.

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This change does two things.

First, it replaces the five changes to get a annoying empty bottle in the Nuka World Nuka Cola Vending Machines with a Nuka Cola, a Nuka Cola Quantum, a Nuka Cola Cherry, a Nuka Cola Grape, and a Nuka Cola Orange.

Second, it makes the original Commonwealth vending machine list match the new vending machine list from Nuka World, thus having the Nuka World added drinks show up in the Commonwealth.

This change requires the Nuka World DLC.

This change alters the content of the Leveled Lists DLC04_LL_Drink_NukaCola_80 and LL_Drink_NukaCola_80 and will conflict with any other changes which alter these forms, or is dependent on these forms being in a vanilla state.


I originally uploaded the ESP version instead of the ESL version.  Now, they are both out there.  What can I say.  It's my first attempt.