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Rebalance of most lackluster perks and level requirements reduced by one third. No scripts, always safe to uninstall.

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all level requirements lowered by 1/3
do you really want to wait to be swimming in caps at level 40 to find more fortune finder caps?

Adamantium Skeleton
reduces fall damage by 40/60/90%
fall damage is limb damage

Attack Dog
now also grants +10% damage to player
weak original perk

cripple chance increased to 25/50 from 10/15, critical hit chance increased to 30 from 15.
10% chance to cripple? when you have STR+8 and a bayonet?

now grants +5/10/25 fire resistance
weak original perk, nowhere better than the forge to build up your fire resistance

Cap Collector
investment raised from 500 to 1500
the wastes will thank you for your patronage

now affects syringer ammos & mysterious serum
as it should

rank 4 now grants +2 Intelligence, works above 10
the universally loathed rank 4 is finally worth something, helps you with slower experience gains at higher levels

now grants companions +30 damage & energy resistance from +20, carry weight increased from 25 to 100
+25 carry weight at rank 3, seriously? your inspired followers can do better

Lead Belly
now grants +15/30 cold resistance at rank 2/3
one of the least picked perk just got more interesting: unlock the ancient secret of digestive fire

Life Giver
now grants +25/50/75 from +20/40/60 and +10/20/30 poison resistance
finally a perk that grants poison resistance

Local Leader
now also grants 10% better prices inside settlements (both buying & selling)
like a boss

rank 4 now grants +2 Perception, works above 10
another pitiful rank 4 made worthwhile

Night Person
now grants +1/2/3 to intelligence, luck & perception, from +2/3/3 to only intelligence & perception, pointless +30 HP removed
tonight is your lucky night

Nerd Rage
now grants +25/45/60 damage resistance from +20/30/40 and triggers at 25% instead of 20% health
earlier triggers and higher resistances as you are literally an inch away from death at 20%

Rad Resistance
now grants +15/30/45/60 radiation resistance from +10/20/30/40
weak original perk

now grants +15/30/45/60/75 damage resistance from +10/20/30/40/50
weak original perk

Robotics Expert
now grants +25% damage against robots
as it should

now grants +10/20/30 electrical resistance instead of damage resistance, melee effects (damage, disarm etc.) unchanged
plainly redundant with toughness

nerfed to +10/15/20/30 stealth from +20/30/40/50, added level 40 requirement for rank 5 crazy invisibility
way overpowered for an underwhelming AI

now grants +15/30/45/60/75 damage resistance from +10/20/30/40/50
weak original perk

rank 2 only grants +1 Perception instead of +2, but level requirement lowered to 12 (from 36), works above 10
way overpowered for the rank 2 of level 1 perk