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Adds my dog, Paxton, who just passed away recently.

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Adds my dog, Paxton, as a new companion to Fallout 4. I had to put him down a few days ago and I figured I would put him in the game so I could always see him again.
The photo of Pax with the birthday hat on is from his 14th birthday, a little over a month ago. He had cake.

Available on Xbox One
Installs like any other mod. Doesn't require any CC content or whatever.
Pax can be found at Jalbert Brothers Disposal by Lexington.

I may do some future updates, I don't know. Textures or model wise.

Things to keep in mind:
Poodles and German Shepards are pretty different, the skeleton for Dogmeat has some limitations or differences I couldn't account for:
-Paxton has limp ears, Dogmeat has pointy ears. The animations can be odd looking.
-Face and eye placement are different as I recreated Paxton's face as best as I could. Blinking looks a bit exaggerated. I may find a way to fix this.
-Dog apparel does technically work on Pax but is designed to fit a much more muscular dog, Paxton is more lean.