Fallout 4
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Adds 4 Playable Instruments for use in Workshop Mode and 2 Melee Weapons. Also includes a small Quest to get plans to build said instruments.

Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Piano & Snare Drum (Playable Instruments)

Acoustic Guitar & Banjo (Melee Weapons)

Permissions and credits
Fallout Instrument Pack

Inspired by Fallout 76 I decided to make some playable instruments for Fallout 4 and here they are! This mod includes 4 playable instruments that you can place in Workshop mode for you and your settlers to use and 2 Melee Weapons.

(Bear in mind I'm not the best Animator in the world and did what I could with this as I don't specialise in Animations, I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

All the custom meshes, textures and animations in this pack were made by me with one exception, the Ottoman used for the Piano was made by TheFriedturkey who allowed me to use it in this mod (thanks again man!).

The music used for the Instruments was made by Crow Bennett of Octane Sound. Without him I probably would have had some random audio from the internet and I would like to give some big thanks to him for making this possible!

4 Playable Instruments place-able in Workshop Mode
Acoustic Guitar Melee Weapon with a few Weapon Mods (Craftable at Chemistry Workbenches, also spawns as a reward from the Quest!)
Banjo Melee Weapon (Craftable at Chemistry Workbenches)
Well Tuned Buff. +25% AP regeneration for 1 hour after playing an instrument for 30 seconds.
Small Quest
Orchestra Workshop Object (Allows all 4 instruments to be played in sync. Although this can be a bit buggy!)
ESL Plugin (Does not count towards your load order!)

Me (HcGxGrill) - Instrument Meshes, Textures and Animations
TheFriedturkey - Ottoman Mesh and Textures
Crow Bennett (Octane Sound) - Music for the Instruments