Fallout 4
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The Castle, with a capital C.

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Here's my take on the Castle. Before anything i'd like to warn you this blueprint is massive, over 7000 items added. It just put my old computer at the end of his life (sort of) and I had to lower the graphisms and other settings to minimal hence the poor quality screenshots, sorry about that.

This is my view on the castle a decade or two after the minutmen pacified the Commonwealth. SoA stronghold who turned little by little into a city by seeing it's civilian population growing up after each year. I was planing to expend over the walls but due to technical limitation i had to give up on this idea and had to find a way to pack everything inside the walls. So i hope you'll like the rusty and trashy vibe of the area, and that you have a better computer than i do to navigate with more than 15 fps inside :p

I also realized while doing the screenshots that i forgot some doors here and there, no big deal but i think i should mention it. As well as a couple interiors (those in the building on top of the walls) have barely minimal furnishing & decorations.

I will do what i can to provide support if you have any issue with my blueprints, but please be sure to have read and done everything adviced on the Transfert Settlement mod page before. Be also sure to have check your load order.
Here you can find Transfer Settlement mod page.

Check requirement tab for links.

1/ I kept some of the vanilla assets, so i advice doing the import first before starting to scrap stuff.
2/ Wire lines are exported in the file.
3/ Marker based items are also exported in the file.
4/ Settlers will likely be unable to find their way, as usual... especially here with pre-placed guard marker.
5/ Several time during the construction phase i had a bug where lights markers for SOE bugged and became visible outside of workshop mod (big grey sphere). I dont know how it happens and the only way i found is to scrap them and rebuild them.

Hope you'll like it!


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