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This mod gives you a few options to change the rate at which the game respawns NPCs' etc

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Cell Respawn Timer

This mod is nice, simple and easy. What does it do? Well, instead of having to wait a week or so for the cells to respawn, it changes it so the game respawns cells in a matter of a day, two days or three etc. 

Made using FO4Edit

The default vanilla setting for a norm cells respawn is 168 hours and for a cleared cell it is 480.

With this mod comes three options:

1: Normal cells respawn every 24 hours. Cleared Cells every 48 hours

2: Normal cells respawn every 48 hours. Cleared Cells every 96 hours

3: Normal cells respawn every 96 hours. Cleared Cells every 192 hours

4: Normal cells respawn every 192 hours. Cleared Cells every 372 hours

5: Normal cells respawn every 372 hours. Cleared Cells every 744 hours

6: Normal cells respawn every 744 hours. Cleared Cells every 1488 hours

7: Normal cells respawn every 1488 hours. Cleared Cells every 2697 hours

8: Normal cells respawn every 744 hours. Cleared Cells every 5394 hours

Nice and simple and keeps you on your toes as well!


The mod comes in a handy fomod installer package, just download with NMM and install once downloaded, pick which option you wish and off you go!

Alternatively, if you download it manually each esp is in a different folder, extract either the 24, 48 or 96 folder straight into your data directory.

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