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So you built something in your settlement - only to find that your settlers "phase in" to it, because there's an idle marker there. No more - now you can see the base game idle markers while in workshop mode.

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5: No longer shows disabled markers. Updated for NextGen. Recompiled scripts and repacked into new ba2 archives.

Video of testing:

4: Added a holotape option to toggle off/on the idle markers.

3: If you had version 2, revert and update - it would have corrupted your game.

2: Fixed an issue with detecting the workshop.

1.6: Three extra holotape options added, for:
a/ Greygarden - there are sitting markers in midair instead of beside the campfire. Option to disable these and create two idle markers beside the campfire.
b/ Hangman's Alley - there are two leaning markers on the guard tower. Option to disable these if you want to delete/move the guard tower.
c/ Hangman's Alley - there are several coffee-drinking markers in the settlement. Option to disable these if your settlers start having coffee in the middle of the walls.

1.5: Option in holotape to hide/show farming markers.

1.4: Added the guard markers at The Castle into the mod (removed by accident).

1.3: Added a holotape to disable/enable hammer markers in your settlements (I think only Sanctuary has them - but wthwth).


While giving Preston "concrete boots" might be considered a feature by some...I consider it to be clumsy building on my part.

Now you can see where most of the human idle markers in the game are, while you are building in workshop mode.


This is base game markers only. I've not yet looked into markers for Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World, or Vault-Tec.


Workshop Framework by Kinggath - optional, yet highly recommended.


Special thanks to KernelsEgg for putting me right, when it comes to nifs.


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: All idle markers?
A: Only within settlement boundaries.

Q: What about custom settlements?
A: If they use the base game markers, these will show.

Q: What about Sim Settlements?
A: Sim Settlements already has that built-in for the special Sim Settlements markers.

Q: I can't see anything?
A: A heavy script load may cause issues - try exiting workshop mode, waiting a few minutes (go have a coffee), and
then re-entering workshop mode.

Q: No farming markers for my crops?
A: The game generates farming markers dynamically when crops have settlers assigned. If there are no settlers assigned to a crop, there will be no farming marker for that crop.

Q: Will you set it so that markers from X mod will show?
A: No. You're welcome to make a patch though. If you put it up on Nexus, I will link to it.

Q: XBox?
A: Yes.

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