Fallout 4
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Trump was really onto something when he suggested injecting household cleaner to cure viruses...

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So what have you been up to recently?
Trying to find a cure for Covid, by contributing to [email protected] and their search for the Covid cure.

Any success?
No idea, but I did find the cure for Molevid-81

What on Earth is that?
In Vault 81 there's a load of diseased molerats that carry Molerat Disease (aka Molevid-81) and if you get it then unless you're a heartless bitch/bastard you've got this permanent -10HP debuff.  Anyway, being a person of science, I made a cure.

Which is?
Abraxo, a stimpak, and some purified water.

Yep.  As recommended by Donald Trump himself.

So how do I get it?
Download it and choose ESP/ESL version.  If you choose ESL make sure it's activated.  Speaking of activation, you could probably activate this after you've completed the quest Hole in the Wall, cure yourself, and then deactivate it.  You could mass produce it if you wanted, but it costs more in ingredients than you get back from vendoring the ingredients.

Anyway, then you need to complete the quest and give Austin the cure (the recipe won't show up until it's been completed).  Then find your nearest chem bench and go to Healing > Molevid-81 Cure.  It costs 1 Abraxo cleaner, 1 purified water and 1 stimpak.  Jack yourself up and job done.

Any issues?
It doesn't touch any vanilla records so there shouldn't be.  One thing that has happened is I got stuck in the chems menu.  This is apparently caused  by having a shitload of craftables (I've got loads), and not my mod.  The fix is relatively straightforward, and to break out open the console and type...
player.moveto player
and you'll break out of menu hell.

Is that it?
Yeah, but I really don't recommend ingesting household cleaning products without seeking medical advice, then going for a lie down in a darkened room with bouncy wallpaper, wearing the pyjamas with wrap around sleeves.