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Looksmenu presets! Get your piping hot presets right here! 18 terribly interesting-looking people you'd love to get to know over dozens of hours searching for their long-lost child and hoarding toasters.

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"Ooh sha sha" - Sly & The Family Stone

Howdy folks, it's your friendly neighborhood DV here with a whole herd of human-shaped pixel-people.  In between painting rocks and adding unnecessary filters to perfectly pleasant game visuals, I enjoy a bit of portrait photography.  Over the years since Fallout 4's release, a truly overwhelming variety of pretend-clothing has been made with which to dress up your pretend-self.  But what's the good of a painstakingly rendered G-string if you don't have an equally hunky hunk or ripe tomato to string it onto?  Don't worry, I've got you covered (or uncovered as the case may be).


Presets!  Looksmenu presets.  Caveat: I am by no means the best face-sculptor I know (that honor goes to Lobstermagic, the absolute queen of my-god-how-did-she-do-that-in-a-Bethesda-game- check out her work, it's truly inspiring) but at least I make noses that look like noses. 

The faces here probably started out with someone else's preset, but have mutated quite a bit beyond their origins.  Certain elements have been patterned on my friends and myself.  Other elements are pure filigree of the imagination.  Each character has a suitably absurd and grandiose name, but no backstory whatsoever.  I'm a real style over substance kinda guy, so I'm l leaving the head-canon up to y'all.


Plug the files into your mod organizer of choice (I recommend Mod Organizer 2) open up the presets that start with "DV -" in Looksmenu (type "SLM 14" into the console or use any number of other methods via different mods) and modify these guys, gals, and all
around excellent people however you please.

You'll probably want to use the mods listed below to get similar skin textures, haircuts, eye colors, etc.  That being said, these presets are provided as a starting point, not an end point to your own original explorations.  You know those screen-shooters who have, like, one character that they keep shooting from the same three angles over and over and over again?  God that's so boring.  There are 18 wildly different (well OK mostly different) cartoon face-and-body assemblages here.  Change their hair, change their height, slap a giant phallus on 'em, cover them in grime and freckles and garish makeup, add tattoos, take away tattoos- do your own thing.  Please, however, don't just change a couple of superficial characteristics and then re-release the same-person-with-a-different-haircut and call it your own original work.  That's lame.

Hard Requirements
You're gonna need the following mods to keep the facial structure, skin texture, and body shapes seen in the pictures:

Looksmenu Customization Compendium
True Wasteland Body
TWB Looksmenu Sliders
Natural 2K Face Textures
Extended Facial Sculpting
Ida Body Textures

Soft Requirements
These add haircuts, eye colors, tattoos, and other stylistic flourishes:

Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Commonwealth Cuts
Femshepping & Radbeetle's KS etc.
Lots More Male Hairstyles
Lots More Facial Hair
Zella's Hair Dye
Extended Hair Colors for Looksmenu
Looksmenu Nail Salon
Looksmenu Body Tattoos
Kala's Tattoo Shop
Kala's TES Eyes
The Eyes of Beauty

It's entirely possible that I've forgotten to list some component that went into the construction of one or more of the Gumbies.  Try to work around it if you can.

Note: Occasionally Looksmenu insists on applying the default red lipstick to characters that aren't already wearing it.  This is a little obnoxious, but is pretty easy to fix.  Just disable 'Lipstick' in the 'Makeup' menu and you'll get the more subtly colored lips back.


In addition to the faces, I've included a couple of other custom odds and ends that helped me make these folks look the way they do.  They are parted out as optional downloads- but you'll probably want them all. 

I retextured quite a few of the extended hair colors from the mod of the same name and Nuka World.  Replaced some of the more garish colors with subtler ones, added some lighter hair colors with darker eyebrows, performed weird experiments in grading that may not have been entirely successful, and other general fooling around.  They won't look good on all haircuts, but they look great on most.

I've also uploaded my baseline TWB Bodyslide preset.  You'll want this if you want your lady-bodied people to look somewhat realistic-ish.  Each character preset contains its own further custom tweaks to the base bodyslide because, well, every body's different.  Most are pretty muscley because hey, fighting rad-monsters and lugging around a sack full of machine guns and glue makes a body proper hard, but there's quite a bit of variation between individuals.  Both guy dolls and gal dolls look as fine as a sprite can look sans apparel, but the intention with the bodies was more to build on the character of the character than just titillate with hooters into the next zip code.  Your mileage will almost certainly vary.

Also, there's one replacement facepaint for one of the LMCC paints.  I think it adds a welcome bit of zest, especially for those homesick for snowier climes.


I'm getting brown faces, help!
Read the instructions on each of the required mods listed above.  Make sure all of the face textures you're using are in the same resolution (1K, 2K, etc.)

I like it, but could you change this one thing?

Available for consoles?
I don't know how that works.  If you port it yourself, sure.

What clothing are these characters wearing?
Fashion mods far too diverse and numerous to list.

Not every image looks exactly like their preset!  What's up with that?
I change things around all the time.  At least one image in the posted compilation shows the character in question exactly as they are (if you install all of the required mods).  Like I said, these are designed to inspire further growth and development, not provide a one-size-fits-all 'bestest preset evar'.  Different strokes for different folks, y'know?

What is the correct music to listen to while fooling around in Looksmenu?