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A version independent F4SE plugin that expands the default size of ScrapHeap allocations.

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This mod is primarily a fix for a problem with Sim Settlements, and other incredibly script heavy mods. However, many people have reported increased stability and performance with it, so feel free to try it for yourself. Having a larger sample size to report their experience with it can't hurt anything.

The plugin is version independent and should work with any version of Fallout 4 after 1.10.162, and any version of F4SE after 0.6.20.

Q: What's the problem Sim Settlements causes?
A: The game allocates ~70mb of memory when reading script properties and normally that's more than enough for the vanilla game, but Sim Settlements eats a ton of that, and with too many city plans, the game won't load saves anymore. This plugin doubles that memory allocation to ~130mb. It theoretically shouldn't cause any problems, it's actually the SaveGameMaxSize patch from SSE Engine Fixes, just ported over to Fallout 4.

Q: Will this mod help with x, or fix x?
A: I don't know, maybe? The original SSE Engine Fixes version of this patch was created because SSE couldn't make or read saves greater than ~70mb. Fallout 4 doesn't have that same problem, but this patch will affect many things. I don't know the full of extent of what it'll affect, and whether it'll cause problems or fix existing ones. Let me know how it works for you, if there are problems I can look into them, and if there aren't- that's great.