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A set of shades with way too many color customization options. (Also a clear lens option if you just want some regular glasses)

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i originally just set out to make a pair of glasses with a more sleek, modern silhouette. then the project got out of hand.

15 different color options that can be applied to the lenses, temples, frames, and earpieces separately. which yields, if i've done my math right... um, a lot of combinations. mix and match!

this is my first time trying any sort of leveled list injection but it should appear anywhere you can find regular eyewear ingame (injects to the cosmetic eyewear levelled lists, prewar clothes,  and also to the vendor basic clothes so it should also be sold in some places?)

any sets found 'in the wild' have the chance to spawn with any of the metal frame colors (except gold) and the more subdued lens colors (black, clear, brown, amber, or bottle green) - with the exception of the unique legendary pair i've placed inworld - those only come in black ;)

please forgive the lumpiness of the ground model's frames and my mediocre editing on the color chart

Added an optional patch for compatibility with the mods added by Armorsmith Extended. 


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