Fallout 4
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Craft basic clothing, from the Commonwealth - Far Harbour - Nuka-World.

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Allows the Sole Survivor to craft basic clothing and eyewear, from the Commonwealth, Far Harbour, and Nuka World.

I've done my best to leave the unique items out of this mod - so if you want Mason's furry pants (Nuka World) you can go get them from him yourself.


Far Harbour
Nuka World
Standalone Workbenches

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PC Version
PS Version


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: Will you please, please, pleeeeease add in the unique items? Armorsmith does it!
A: Use Armorsmith.

Q: The various Nuka World t-shirt outfits aren't there?
A: I've left them deliberately out of the mod - haven't decided if I should put them in at all. Not entirely sure how the Sole Survivor might learn to make those custom designs...

Q: Armor? Weapons?
A: Working on it. Those are trickier than basic clothing is.

Q: XBox? PS?
A: Done.