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This is a weapon patcher for New Calibers. It adds New Calibers support to virtually any weapon mod. Requires zEdit and UPF.

Permissions and credits
This patcher adds the keywords necessary for the weapon to support new calibers ammos.
There may be bugs that happen because of this but there really shouldnt be. 

It should now support any weapon that has either AWKCR keywords, AWKCR patch, or just vanilla ammo.
That should be the majority of weapon mods on the entire nexus if Im not mistaken. 

There will be some issues if the weapons have their own conversion system. Like the weapons spawning with a non New Calibers conversion.

The realistic damage patch is 100% complete. I HIGHLY recommend using it. 

This patch requires zEditUnified Patching Framework and New Calibers.

How to Install
  1. Install zEdit: 
  2. Extract the portable .7z file to anywhere that you want. Run it through your mod organizer. 
  3. Install Unified Patching Framework: 
  4. Open up zEdit. In the top right click "manage extensions" then install module. Select the UPF zip from there to install it then restart zedit.
  5. Install This: 
  6. Do the same thing with the file from this mod page as you did with UPF.
  7. Profit: 
  8. Run zEdit. Select the fallout 4 profile, click "start session", and load your plugins. In the top right click Manage Patchers. Enable this patcher in the build patches menu. Change the settings of the patcher on the left hand side. Then click "build" on the Build Patches window. 

Planned features: 
- Damage Threshold Framework support for my New Calibers DTF plugin(Currently unreleased and unfinished) This is finished. Its balanced for DT = DR*0.2 (with DR enabled)   This feature will not receive any support sorry. Its there if you want to try to make it work.
 -Leveled list support This Is finished. All weapons should spawn with random New Calibers ammo.
 -Better conversion damage. I have an early version of this feature working but it needs more testing before I add it to the main patcher. If you would like better conversion damage then please use the optional esp  Better conversion is built into the damage patch.